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Welcome to Cheddar Wiki

Cheddar wiki is a web-based platform for Cheddar project management.The following main facilities are available :

  • Tickets are used for bug reports, feature requests and project tasks (developers organization).
  • Roadmap and reports provide a view on the ticket system : one can follow Cheddar project evolution.
  • Repository browser grants an access to SVN Cheddar project source code (developers).

Cheddar is a free real time scheduling tool. It is designed for checking task temporal constraints of a real time application/system. Systems to analyze can be described with AADL or with Cheddar specific language. Cheddar is developed and maintained by the LISYC Team, University of Brest and Ellidiss technologies.

Cheddar relies on Ocarina to provide schedulability analysis of AADL models. The ocarina team also uses the Cheddar analyzer for their research projects and some tutorial/labs. There is a strong cooperation between the two teams.

Cheddar can be run standalone or as a STOOD or a TOPCASED plug in. The interoperability of STOOD/TOPCASED/Cheddar is managed by Ellidiss technologies. There is also a strong cooperation between the Cheddar team and Ellidiss technologies to investigate how Cheddar can efficiently analyze AADL models.

Cheddar is written in Ada/GtkAda?. Cheddar runs on Solaris, Linux and Win32 boxes and should run on every GNAT/GtkAda supported platforms (see AdaCore web site for details).

Cheddar Users

Cheddar users can find useful information at Cheddar official web page :

Cheddar developers

This wiki provides support for Cheddar developers through the ticket system but also gives useful information on Cheddar building.

Cheddar Source Code

Cheddar source code can be found at the following SVN repository address.

One can use several tools to access Cheddar SVN repository like TortoiseSVN (a list of SVN client is available here).

Cheddar Compilation/Installation?

One can use any text editor and shell tool or the following IDE to build and install Cheddar :

  • GPS (GNAT Programming Studio) (recommended).

  • AdaGide (Ada GNAT Integrated Development Environment).

Check the building instructions page for further information.

Cheddar test procedure

In this section, Cheddar test procedure is described.