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There are several ways to compile/build Cheddar tools on Linux/windows boxes :

  • Through the command line.
  • With the Gnat IDE : GPS.

For other operating systems, Ellidiss Technologies shall be contacted.

Additional Software

The following software are needed :

  • GNAT compiler GPL (see AdaCore web site). Note : the 2015 version works with the corresponding version of gtkada, the 2017 do not. For non graphic tools, the 2017 should work.
  • Use the current gtkAda files in lib directory or download the corresponding GNAT compiler version (see AdaCore web site).
  • For windows, get the cygwin (Cygwin web site) or msys2 (Msys2 web site) environment.
  • a svn client is necessary. The default one is fine for linux and tortoiseSVN can be tortoiseSVN (Tortoise SVN web site) used for windows.

Building Instructions

Step 1 Environment variables

Set the environment variables :

  • edit the compilelinux32.bash, compilelinux64.bash or compilewin32.bash (depending on your OS) and fill the correct CHEDDAR_DIR, GNAT_DIR and SVN_PATH (win32)
  • then source the script through a terminal (e.g. bash for linux or cygwin/msys2 for windows).

Step 2 Edit Files

If necessary, edit the following files :

  • read and update the config/*.ads packages. These Ada packages contain all Cheddar's configurable constants.
  • the Makefile.vars to set the build type (Release or Debug) and cheddar version.

Step 3 Command line

In a terminal execute the following commands :

  • Type make cheddar to compile Cheddar


  • Type make all in the terminal to compile all Cheddar tools.

Note 1 : check the Makefile to see all target available. Note 2 : if you want to remove all objects created during Cheddar compilation, type make clean.

Step3 GPS

In the terminal, launch gps :

  • Open GPS cheddar project. In the menu, select Project->Open and select the cheddar.gpr file (cheddar.gpr file in Cheddar source code trunk directory).
  • The build it. In the menu, select Build->Project->Cheddar.gpr

Installation Instructions

If the compilation succeed, Cheddar tools binaries can be found in the src directory. Use the os corresponding target in the makefile to make a distribution : distlinux32, distlinux64 or distwin32.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any compilation problems via Cheddar mailing list.