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What you need

Test procedures document is compiled using latex. (for windows, one can use MiKTeX and Winshell).

Furthermore, all documents can be found in project_examples/tests/TestsEllidiss Cheddar source code directory.

Compiling test procedures document

Test procedures document is split in 2 parts :

  • Main document (CheddarTest.tex) : in this file, all tests are described.
  • Report documents : test results description. This file shall be included in the main document.

Compilation instructions

Copy the DefaultReport file and rename it (the name can be freely chosen) : it will be your report test file.

In this file, all test description "variables" can be found (e.g. \def\testtaska). These description must be modified following this pattern :


Where result can be chosen between :

  • OK : test result is ok.
  • KO : test result is not ok.
  • NA : test result is not available.
  • ND : test has not been done.

And observation is a comment on the test.

For example,

\mytabulartestresult{OK}{No problem for this test}

Note : the \mytabulartestresult macro display a tabular on the main document.

Your test description file shall be included in the main document : find the following line \include{DefaultReport} and put your filename.