This web page lists different projects and publications that make use of Cheddar.
Real time scheduling tool are sometimes difficult to be used.
These projects and publications may help you to understand how/why/when those tools can be applied.

  1. Cheddar is opensource but it has been also integrated in some Ellidiss Technologies products such as Stood or AADLinspector. The main product is AADLInspector that provides scheduling analysis for AADL models. By the past, Ellidiss Technologies has also developed a TOPCASED plugin for Cheddar. The interoperability of Stood/AADLinspector/TOPCASED and Cheddar is managed by Pierre Dissaux from Ellidiss Technologies. Ellidiss technologies provides industrial support in this context and also participates to the maintenance of the Cheddar opensource version.

  2. S3/Télécom-Paris-Tech team and Cheddar team collaborates on various projects for the development of AADL software engineering tools. For example:

  3. Cheddar has been integrated inside TASTE, a tool-set of the European Space Agency that is jointly developed by Ellidiss Technologies, ISAE and Semantix Information Technologies. See [PER 10] [DEL 10] [DEL 12a] [DEL 12b]. See also the following documents.

  4. Cheddar has been integrated inside Time4sys, a tool-set which is part of Polarsys. See here for further details.

  5. A synthesis tool for dataflow graphs that is using Cheddar topredict buffer utilization. See [HON 17].

  6. Thesis about contract based analysis (both Univ. of Toulouse and Univ. of Luxembourg) ; Cheddar is used there for evaluation: See [BRA 17].

  7. Example of FraCC use. See [ALV 16].

  8. An example of co-design (multicore architecture exploration) with Simulink and Cheddar (for a CPS avionic application) : See [ZHO 16].

  9. An example of a reconfiguration method, where Cheddar has been used to validate EDF schedulling : See [WAN 16].

  10. An example of scheduling analysis of a Car (with AADL) : See [DON 15].

  11. An example of scheduling analysis of an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle : See [ORT 15].

  12. An example of scheduling analysis of a switch device : See [SOU 14].

  13. An example of scheduling analysis of data flow models : See [KRA 14].

  14. Cheddar has been integrated inside MOSART, a tool-set of the ENSMA/ISAE. See [OUH 13] or [OUH 12].

  15. Cheddar has been used to make verifications on models that are compliant with the RCA4RTES modeling language. See [KRI 12] and [KRI 13].

  16. [FOR 10]: a study of real-time scheduling policies which support dependent tasks is presented. This work used Cheddar to verify an small avionic case of study. See also [BON 10] which is another publication of this team (in french).

  17. [ADE 10]: a proposition of a real-time distributed HLA system. Real-time properties of this proposition has been verified with Cheddar.

  18. [GHA 10], [GHA 11]and [GHA 12] : example of sensitivity analysis based on Cheddar.

  19. [IGB 10]: : validation of a stochastic scheduling for multicore systems.

  20. [WAN 10]: proposition of a configuration method based on low power scheduling that is using Cheddar.

  21. [FUR 10]: proposition of a control-theoretical methodology for the design of schedulers.

  22. A benchmarking work of a multiprocessor architecture by Airbus. See [CAS 09]. The multiprocessor architecture and its behavior are modeled with AADL and the Cheddar programming language (for the scheduling part).

  23. Thales RT has proposed an Ecplise plugin in order to perform analysis with Cheddar of MARTE/UML models. MARTE is an UML profile designed for modeling and analysis of real time systems (see for further details on MARTE/UML. The source code and the documentation distributed by Thales RT can be reached there.

  24. [PRA 08, PRA 09] : the proposition of a scheduler designed to support tasks with fuzzy deadlines and fuzzy processing times. The scheduler is verified with Cheddar.

  25. [FER 08, FER 09, MON 10] : J.L. Fernandez has proposed an approach for real-time systems modeling and models evaluation. This approach is named PPOOA-Cheddar: it combines the PPOOA method and tool for architecting real-time systems with the Cheddar framework for simulation and evaluation of real-time systems. See their website.

  26. [THO 09] : Ph'd Thesis of Frederic Thomas (related to the modelling of real time system execution environments).

  27. [KUM 09] and [KUM 10] : modelling and analysis of EDF and LLF like schedulers for multicore processors.

  28. [REV 07] : the proposition of a modeling framework based on AADL and Lustre. The proposed framework allows performance analysis with Cheddar.

  29. [ROL 07] : an other AADL project (EADS Astrium and CNES) which aims to the modeling and tha analysis of the Pléiades satellite.

  30. [NEM 06] and [NEM 07]: papers about Papabench, a benchmark proposed by the IRIT in order to compute WCET (see

  31. [STR 06] : an experiment with RTEMS and Cheddar.

  32. [THO 06] : Meta-modeling experiment with AADL and Cheddar in order to built robotic application.

  33. M. Baert wrote some XSLT scripts in order to display XML project files and XML event tables. XML event tables are files which store scheduling simulation results. Then, these tools allow users to display in a web browser the results of a scheduling simulation. See the file for further details.

  34. [AHN 06] : the proposition of a scheduler designed for multimedia applications, which was validated with Cheddar.

  35. [BRY 05] : a comparison of several real time scheduling frameworks (including Cheddar, but a bit out of date now).

Some publications that are related to the previous items and that explain how to use Cheddar :

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