This section contains several contributions produced by Cheddar's users ; enjoy !

1. Teaching materials

The webpage contains a bunch of real time courses and labs about real-time scheduling analysis that are built with Cheddar by various teachers.

2. Research or industrial example of use

This webpage gathers warious example of use for research or indutrial programs. Those examples may give you some ideas/hints about how to use Cheddar.

3. Tutorial provided by videos, made by teachers

  1. Very usefull videos/tutorials made by Sam Siewert, Associate Professor Adjunct from University of Boulder/Colorado, explaining to his students how to use Cheddar features:
  2. A video showing how to design a user-defined scheduler, which is a Cheddar features allowing users to designtheir own specific scheduler : the video is proposed by the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India

4. Few tools implemented by users

  • Finally, here is few extra tools proposed by users also: