Cheddar Release 3.x user's guide

Lab-STICC technical report

Updated in April, 2020

Frank Singhoff, Nam Tran Hai, Ill-ham Atchadam, Christian Fotsing

Cheddar is a free real time scheduling framework. Cheddar is designed for checking task temporal constraints of a real time application/system. It can also help you for quick prototyping of real time schedulers. Finally, it can be used for educational purpose. Cheddar is a free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; See the GNU General Public License for details. The Cheddar project was started in 2002 by Frank Singhoff, Lab-STICC Team, University of Brest. Since 2008, Ellidiss technologies also contributes to the development of Cheddar and provides industrial support.

WARNING : this user's guide supposes that you have a minimum background on real-time scheduling. If it's not your case, take a look on this link which includes some very basic articles or book references. This link also provides a description of the analytical methods implemented into Cheddar and gives some publications that show how to use Cheddar.

To completed this user guide, you also have in this technical report , a precise description of all entities used in Cheddar.

Contact : Frank Singhoff
Last update : April, the 4th, 2020