This section is dedicated to teachers who use (or used!) Cheddar for their real time scheduling courses. You can find here some examples of real time scheduling courses and sometimes labs with Cheddar:

  1. At TÚlÚcom-Paris-Tech from J. Hugues and B. Zalila. Cached documents . In english. Based on Ocarina, one of the more efficient AADL code generator. A huge amount of material is available on OpenAADL too.
  2. At TÚlÚcom-Paris-Tech from E. Borde. In French. A lab using OSATE and AADLInspector (and then its Cheddar embedded tool) to build and run schedulability of an AADL model.
  3. Georgia Tech (J. Hugues). In english. Crazyflie AADL Case Study : it is a set of AADL models for the Crazyflie UAV used at Georgia Tech for a lab based on AADLInspector and OSATE to demonstrate various AADL toolchains (with some including Cheddar). This teaching activity is part of Georgia Tech OMSCS Class CS7639.
  4. University of Lisboa/FCUL (J. Rufino and A. Casimiro). Cached documents . In english and in portuguese.
  5. CEDRIC/CNAM, Paris (T. Crolard). Cached documents . In French.
  6. HCMC University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh-city Vietnam (A. M. Nguyen). Cached documents . In english.
  7. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott (S. Siewert). Cached documents . In english. ,
  8. Polytech'Tours (M. Delalandre). Cached documents . In Frensh.
  9. CERT/ENSEEIHT (C. Pagetti). Cached documents . In english.
  10. The Monash University (C. Kopp). Cached documents . In english.
  11. Centro Universitario de MÚrida (H. S. Santamaria). Cached documents . In spanish.
  12. University of Rhode Island (V. Fay-Wolfe). Cached documents . In english.
  13. Universitat PolitÚcnica de Catalunya (R. Costa-Castellˇ). Cached documents . In English and Catalan.
  14. University of The West Indies, Faculty of Engineering (C. Radix). Cached documents . In english.
  15. Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telkom (Fazmah Arif Yulianto). Cached documents . This lab is a translation in indonesian from the one proposed by C. Kopp at the Monash University.
  16. Exercises from UniversitÚ Paris-Est Marne-la-VallÚe (S. Midonnet). Cached documents .
  17. Exercises from ECE (L. Francomme). Cached documents .
  18. Exercises from the ISET Kairouan/Tunisie N. Chelly). Cached documents .
  19. Lectures from Clemson University/USA (J. D. McGregor). Cached documents .
  20. Labs from ECEE Univ. Colorado/Boulder. (Akshay. Singh). Cached documents .
  21. Exercise from Federal University of Santa Catarina (A. A. Fr÷hlich). Cached documents .
  22. Exercise from HEIG du Canton de Vaud (Yann Thoma). Cached documents .
  23. University of Brest (F. Singhoff). Cached documents . Mostly in french and some parts are in english.